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— Carlisle Y., Los Angeles
I am 28 years of age and it may seem stupid but I have serious problems with having sex, honestly speaking I admit perfectly well that the problems are based on my psychological perception of the upcoming sexual intercourse. But I can't do anything, neither can my psychology consultant. It is all so deep in my head, may be after some youth misfortune that I don't remember. But every time I am about to have sex I get so much scared of possible failure that the stress kills my erection and libido completely. I have tried many meds but the effect they produced was in the majority of cases insufficient to solve my problem and only with brand Viagra I got the support I need. I take it on a regular basis, a small dosage daily and as a result I am always ready for sex. Have no more problems with erection and finally now I have a girlfriend. Before it was quite difficult as none girl wants to date with a guy who has erection of an old man. Brand Viagra quickly solves all the problems and I forget about my fears. I have been on it for about a year now and my doctor thinks that one day I will be able to develop normal regular erections without the help of any drugs.
— Leo Walcott, NH
Erectile dysfunction is a severe sentence for every man no matter how old and self-confident he is. It is extremely difficult to admit that you are no longer young and sexually active. When I encountered first erectile dysfunction signs I persuaded myself that that was just a temporary issue, my body?s reaction to some stress or physical activity. But the problem wouldn?t solve by itself and I had to admit that it was something more serious. And even being perfectly informed about how often ED occurs in contemporary men I was insulted by the easiness and indifference with which my doctor told me about the diagnosis and advised treatment methods. For me it was a tragedy, the beginning of the end. Luckily brand Viagra was one of the very first medications I have tried so the search for an ideal solution was not that long for me and the disorder hadn?t enough time to affect my life, like relationship with my partner, my nervous system or general well-being. I soon got my youth-like erection and libido back together with self-confidence and gratitude to the producers of this wonderful medication.
— Dale K., Texas
I love the way brand Viagra improves my potency. I take it about 30 minutes before the moment when I think I will need steel hard erection and I have it no problem! The medication is absolutely safe - I have never had anything like side effects or complications. While with other ED meds I used to observe considerable fatigue after the sex, slightly blurred vision, nausea and even problems with digestion sometimes. With brand Viagra the only thing I observe if the pure magic it produces on my penis.
— Mike Trump, Kentucky
I faced serious problems with having sex with my first girlfriend. Actually when I was about to have my first sexual intercourse. I was so excited and worried that nothing actually happened. Then my elder brother tried to persuade me that every one is a bit unlucky and unease at first and that I will have no more problems if I think positive and increase my self-confidence. But I knew that he was not that unlucky when he had his first sex, my girlfriend left me and there were about 6 months before I had a chance to make sure that sex is a bigger problem for me than for many other guys of my age. After 4 or 5 unlucky attempts and 4 or 5 love stories ended in this way I decided to find a solution while I was not too disappointed in heterosexual relations yet. As usually I consulted with my brother and we came to the conclusion that I need to try some erectile dysfunction medications to get rid of the misfortune. He asked a friend of his who used ED drugs to share his experience and that dude gave me a couple of Brand Viagra pills. Firstly I was afraid as if I was about to take drugs to get high, but then I overcame the barrier and that evening I had first normal sex with a girl. She didn't even realize I had some psychological problems with this issue. Then I ordered Brand Viagra from this online drugstore and the medication provided me with many unforgettable moments and strong confidence in my own power and masculinity. That was exactly what I needed and now I can got along without the medication as I know I am absolutely normal, sexually attractive and skillful young man. Thanks to Brand Viagra!
— Theodor U., Yellowknife
I started having problems with erection after a surgery I had on my urinary bladder. The surgery somehow affected my potency and even when the rehabilitation period was over and I felt just like before the operation my masculine functions were absent. I couldn't have sex with my wife and that bothered me even more than urinary bladder problems before. We tried all sorts of stimulation and different intimate tools and games, when nothing seemed to be able to wake up my penis I went to the doctor and he advised me to use some ED pills to restore my sexual performance. That was unexpected as I was not ready for such a diagnosis as erectile dysfunction. But the idea to solve the problem was everything that I could think about. So I chose brand Viagra and that was the right solution. My erection was restored in a matter of weeks. Now I again can have normal sex without any pills. I liked the way brand Viagra helped me solve my post-surgery problem.
— Patrick Moore, NH
I faced the problem of impotence about three years ago. Consider it to be the consequence of sedentary way of life, intensive smoking and alcohol consumption. I am not an alcoholic, of course, but I enjoy a bottle or two of beer in the evening and something stronger when we have a party with my friends. So, my doctor and I think that all these in complex resulted in considerable decrease in my sexual functions. I started having problems with developing and maintaining normal erection, my libido was lower and my penis disappointed me greatly. So my doctor put me on brand Viagra after having unsuccessful experiments with some milder ED medications. Brand Viagra was like a breath of fresh air. From the first pill I knew that this medication will help me get my normal potency back. And it really did so. I took it onl when I needed good erection, not on a regular basis. And the drug never let me down. I would recommend it to others.

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