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Short Description

Aggrenox (generic name: Dipyridamole / Aspirin; brand name: Asasantin Retard) is an effective combination of two anti-platelet medicines, aspirin and dipyridamole.

Each Aggrenox capsule contains 200 mg dipyridamole in an extended-release form and 25 mg aspirin, as an immediate-release sugar-coated tablet.

Platelets are very small blood cells which clump together during blood clotting. By preventing this clumping, anti-platelet medicines reduce the chances of blood clots forming (a process called thrombosis).

Aggrenox is indicated to reduce the risk of stroke in patients who have had transient ischemia of the brain (transient ischemic attack, TIA) or completed ischemic stroke due to thrombosis.

Aggrenox makes platelets in the blood less sticky so they do not clump together and form blood clots.

Aggrenox was proven effective in a large international stroke prevention trial - the Second European Stroke Prevention Study (ESPS 2). In the study, Aggrenox:

Prevented twice as many strokes as aspirin, the most widely used stroke prevention treatment
Reduced the risk of recurrent stroke in patients with heart disease and high blood pressure

As a result, Aggrenox is recommended as a first-line treatment option for reducing the risk of stroke after TIA/stroke by:

National Stroke Association
American Heart Association
American College of Chest Physicians

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