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— Joe Melville, Ottawa
I am 34 years old and unfortunately I suffer from calcium deficiency. As a result my bones are more fragile than those of other people and I am therefore limited in activities and have to think over every step in my life. I try to avoid falls, never ice skate or ski, I am carefull with stairs and so on. This life is quite as that of a disabled person, cause I seem not to have any deadly illness but I have to avoid numerous activities in order to stay ok. Recently my doctor has put me on Cipcal - a medical supplement containing enough calcium for my body. Before Cipcal I also have tried many other meds and natural remedies, used to eat tons of milk products and vitamins. It as all very difficult and bothering. With Cipcal everything is so much easier. The medication is really effective and I enjoy life greatly now.
— Isabella M., Carson City
I buy this medication for my younger son. He is extremely fond of ice hockey and plays his favorite game every day. But it is very dangerous and traumatic sport. I want to support him in his interest to big sport, but I also want my 7-year old boy to stay healthy and successful. So I have consulted our doctor about how I can help him and protect him as well and he advised me to buy vitamins containing calcium to make the bones of my son stronger and thinker. I buy Cipcal for Joe every month and he takes it together with other kid's vitamins on a regular basis. He is a very healthy boy and almost never falls ill. Besides he is active and is one of the best ice hockey players in his school. I am very proud of him and I am also very grateful to Cipcal for the protection it provides for my boy. In addition to this I am pregnant now expecting another son and I also take Cipcal following my doctor's advice to provide calcium for the little one growing inside me. This medication is wonderful and I advice it to others.
— Kim Bradley, Rapid City
I buy Cipcal regularly for my parents. They are elderly people and they live in a neighbor state, so I can not visit them too often. But I want to make sure I do my best to protect them and make their lives easier. They are too old to keep as active as they used to be, their health is no longer that strong, and they can not take part in the activities that caused no problems before. After 60 your bones get more and more fragile, they lose calcium and such diseases as osteoporosis and other similar disorders affect their joints and ligaments. In winter when it is slippery outside I constantly worry about how they walk to the local store to buy ordinary daily products. But with Cipcal I can rest assured, my parents get enough calcium and their bones are protected. I know it because my parents feel better with the medication, their joints are not that painful as before and they can walk longer distances. In other words this supplement is excellent for elderly people with fragile bones. I would recommend to all the people who need additional dosage of calcium.

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