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— Carry Lewis, Ottawa
I have been using Pure Hands for about a year now and I am absolutely happy with this product. I don't actually remember when but at some point I grew absolutely crazy about keeping my hands and in general everything around me clean. I tried different antiseptic products for hands but the majority of them leave horrible alcohol odor on the skin that I can't stand. Others without that alcohol ingredient do not provide me with the feeling of cleanliness I need to stay calm and happy. Then I found Himalaya Herbal Pre Hands and my search was over - this is the perfect product for me - pleasant smell, feeling of clean hands, no dangerous ingredients and skin care. Is there anything else I could dream about! Just a bit of Pure Hands and my skin is clean even after a day of using the computer at the local library. Before I couldn't touch food until I found a place to wash my hand, so sometimes I stayed hungry until I got back home. It was not good and now I am protected against such misfortune. With pure hands I know that I can have absolutely clean hands whenever I want and therefore I can eat fats food without the fear of getting some horrible bacteria from my hands.
— Eva Rosental, NY
I live in a big city and here every movement you make is connected with dirt and dust. Weather you pop into a local shop, get on a bus or take a newspaper you get in contact with millions of bacteria and germs. The city is full of people who came from most descent lands with rarest diseases and illnesses and all that stuff gets on your hands with just one touch. When I think about it I get scared and I don't want to leave my apartment. But I have to, I have to go to work, buy products, meet people and so on. But I found a solution - I buy Pure Hands from Himalaya Herbals and I can feel safe throughout the day. This products makes my hands clean in a matter of seconds. This is not the first time I find Himalaya Herbals products better than their more expensive analogues. And I am happy with that because I like natural products, I like herbal cosmetics and medicines. And I find it a great opportunity to get the benefits of natural products at a reasonable price. I definitely recommend Pure Hands to all other people who care about their hygiene and health. And I find it a must have for all those big city residents like me.
— Michelle Talbot, Salt Lake City
Pure Hands from Himalaya Herbals is one of the products that I order every month, several bottles to be exact. The thing is that I out a bottle into the schoolbags of my kids, a new one every week. This simple action allows me to rest assured that my kids are protected and they have the opportunity to get clean hands before they have their lunch. It is sometimes really difficult to understand small children, why they forget to wash their hands, but don't forget to use Pure Hand before they eat. May be because it is interesting for them, or more pleasant. Anyway for me it is important that my kids are protected. I am sure about the quality of the product I give to them as in our house there are many products from Himalaya Herbal - shampoos, creams, ointments, topicals and so on. All of the products are of good quality and they carry out their promises 100%. The same can be said about Pure Hands. It helps me teach my kids to take care about themselves and maintain their hygiene. Besides this product is not expensive and I enjoy the opportunity to buy all the cosmetics and some medicines I need in one place and have it delivered to my house.

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