Almond & Cucumber Peel Off Mask Testimonials

— Maria Torres, Texas
I have first tried Almond & Cucumber peel off Mask when I visited my college friend in summer. We were having a pajama party and were trying all sorts of scrubs, masks and other cosmetic treatments. It was a lot of fun but I got seriously amazed by the wonderful effect one of her masks produced on my skin. It was Himalaya Almond & Cucumber mask. Amazing effectiveness! Easy and convenient to use, for me the mask consists of positive moments only. I bought a pack for myself soon after the visit and since that time I am a regular buyer of this product.
— Florence Maguire, Toronto
I love this mask as it makes my skin so soft and healthy looking. Before that I had a Pineapple scrub which worked ok but there was some burning during the application and I didn't like it a lot. With the peel off mask it is absolutely different - the product contains pineapple but there are absolutely no unpleasant sensations and the effect it produces makes my skin younger and fresh. The mask is not expensive at all but the effect it has is worth every penny you pay. So I would recommend this medication to all women who care about their youth.
— Iness Nightingale, Washington
For me the most important fact about the Almond and Cucumber peel off mask is that it is produced by Himalaya Herbal and therefore I can rest assured the product is of highest quality and absolutely healthy and safe. I have tried the mask due to an advertising event - samples of this product were provided free of charge in my local pharmacy. I took 1 or 2 and tried them that very evening. The result was so great that I ordered the mask right after the application from this online store and I am happy with the way it cares about my skin: the pores are smaller and cleaner, the skin is soft and radiant, inflammation never appear. Great product!
— Rebecca Simpson, Dallas
I love this mask, I use it twice a week during my morning exercises. The almond nourishes my skin, pineapple clears the pores and cucumber makes the skin fresh and moisturized. Using the mask is very easy, the smell is magnificent and the effect is absolutely amazing. I would recommend the mask to everyone and I have already shared this finding with my best friends. They are also happy with the results. What is great the mask's nourishing qualities are so good that I do not need facial cream afterwards!

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