Janumet Testimonials

— Philip Miles, Ottawa
From my own experience in type 2 diabetes treatment I have to admit that Janumet really works, but you should be careful if you exercise or get other serious workload, be sure to carefully observe your regimen. In general it is so with any other medication - you blood sugar levels may drop too low. So be aware! As for Janumet, it is very effective. Just think - it is a combination of 2 prescription medicines: sitagliptin and metformin. So it has the power of 2 to help you cope with your diabetes. And it does help! I have no side effects and I'm more than happy with the results I observe after Janumet treatment. This medication is a great solution for people whose diabetes deprives them from feeling the simple joy of life.
— Melinda K., Delaware
I was diagnosed with type two diabetes about a year and a half ago. My doc started me on glyburide but I started gaining lots of weight and couldn't control it. Then I was put on Janumet. Everything is okay with my diet since the beginning of treatment. And what's most important, my sugar levels are easily stabilised with the help of this medication. Now it's much easier for me to maintain an even blood sugar level no matter how active I am during the day. No doubt, you have to observe your dosage and don't forget to take Janumet on time. I've not had any troubles with side effects.
— Timothy Hawkins, Massachusetts
Before Janumet I've been using Byetta for a year now for my Type 2 diabetes. I also had to observe a tight diet in order not to grow too big. But then I decided to change something in my treatment and my family doctor put me on Janumet. The difference is significant - no more dizziness in the morning, no uncontrollable weight gaining. My sugar numbers stay under 120 - usually in the 100-115 range. I've had no side effects from Janumet, unlike with Byetta. Hate to say it but you have to exercise a lot if you want to keep feet no matter what diabetes medication you take.
— Brigit Nicolette, Chicago
I have been off and on different diabetes meds for about 12 years. I had experiences all the range of possible side effects: from vomiting to fainting. Indeed I understood that every drug's effectiveness is individual for every person. For some people one medication has no side effects, others may get crazy from the headache it causes. Finally I found the ideal answer for my health condition. For me it's Janumet - the medication that brings nothing else but harmony into my blood sugar levels. No weight gain, no migraines, no other surprises. All I have to do to feel a normal person is to observe my doctor's instructions. Don't lose your hope and look for the medication that will bring your life back to normal!

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