Claritin Testimonials

— Jim O'Neill, MN, 41
I've had chronic sinusitis for the last 14-15 years and have tried everything from sprays to antibiotics and nothing was effective. In addition, the side effects of the various medicines (dizziness, drowsiness, etc.) were not worth it. I found Claritin at your site and use it once a day and sometimes up to three times a day and I can finally breathe again!
— Beth Cadieux, Ashburn, VA
My Claritin arrived today. One half hour later I could actually breathe through each nostril. After about five years, it's nice to be able to do that again. Claritin is one of those products that actually does what the advertisements say they do. Remarkable.
— James, Vacaville, Ca
Most anti-allergy drugs did nothing at all for me until I tried Clarinex. With this medicine I can live a comfortable life again! I haven't had any outbreaks since I started taking it.
— Carter, 20, Michigan
I had skin problems as a result of food allergies. Claritin made my skin much better and stopped the itching. I'm currently taking it daily.
— Eric, Boston, MA
Claritin helps to clear up my nasal problems. No noticeable side effects.
— Kyle, Sebastopol, California
Helps for the most part with breathing. I use it whenever I have a flare up.

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